Featured Review

My name is Ryan Kell of Keller Williams, 20 year Real Estate agent and Investor. Joe and his team have been doing a remodel that I pass every morning and afternoon while taking my kids to school. I have had a unique opportunity to watch their processes and progress. I have to say I am most impressed. This job could have been done completely different and probably had a similar finished appearance. I was surprised to witness the depth at which this team took this remodel. The reworked and replaced/repaired everything (from my limited view). I look at remodels day in a day out and more often than not, remodelers take short cuts and apply "lipstick" to get in and get out with maximum profit. From what I have seen The Gallant team did a thorough and complete restoration; not only providing what will surely be a great home, but as importantly adding to the neighborhood value. I LOVE my town (Nixa) and I really appreciate contractors who do things right. GOOD JOB JOE!

Carter K.